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Florinda Wilson, Founder and Digital Creator

Mom | Top Digital Creator

Social Media Specialist

With over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from the University of New Mexico – I have helped countless Small Business Owners, Busy Entrepreneurs and Top-Luxury Brand Hotels get the reach they need to Create Traffic flow across all Social Media Platforms, Increase Sales Revenue and More Importantly, GENUINELY Profit Conversion Rates. #ROI

The challenges that I face and success that I have – given me true passion to strategically take a brand and bring it to life – Creating a Brand Presence and an overall LEVERAGE in Engagement Rates and Revenue for a Prospective Client.

I wear many hats and I’ve leveraged my own Small Business Growth across social media!

Florinda, Sparkle Momm

Sparkle Momm was created in January 2019 to ‘Inspire’ others with my unique passion for Creative Content, Direct Response Marketing and Collaboration through Family- Media Adventures and Activities, Sponsored Travel Staycations, Educational Demonstrations, Motherhood Chaos , Story-line Reviews and Unboxing, Sponsorship and Partnership!

The Scott Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona

Family is Everything and as I always say, โ€œAn Active Family is a Healthy Family.โ€๏ปฟ

In addition to being a Full-Time Business Owner, Family Travel Blogger and Home Provider. As a Former Executive Administrator for, The Young Agency Arizona’s Top Modeling Agency, I also carry a passion for Fashion and finding the Latest Trends. I love trying the Newest and Hottest products out there! Finding the latest outfits around every season and Playing with Color Combinations.

I enjoy Vintage Shopping and Bargain Shop. Sparkle Momm is big on SAVINGS!! Sparkle Momm will bring you Outfit Inspirations, Color Patterns and Sparkly Stylish Suggestions throughout the entire year!

Our Marketing Platform is Very Popular in Highlighting the latest fashion with Phoenix Fashion Week Each Year!

Latest + Greatest Fashion

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