Do you need a little confident booster for growing your own Spring Garden? I know I do! Last year I failed tremendously trying to grow a Kitchen Garden from potting plants. I didn’t germinate nor did I consider disease and pest resistant methods. On top of that, I found out that soil from the bag is not the best way to grow healthy and appropriate variety of vegetables.

With the help of a Gardening Workshop I attended at the Peoria Public Library here in Glendale, Arizona. I’ll definitely grow my confidence and build my knowledge on growing a Vegetable Kitchen Garden. Living in Arizona, you have to consider the Climate and Seasons.

Most of Arizona and the surrounding desert have a Short Duration Cropping Season. Here in the low desert consider, high temperatures, both day and night for extended period of time. We have two optimal growing season: One in the Spring and One in the Fall. Both day length and temperature vary dramatically between the two seasons. It is important to choose plants that will grow and mature quickly to ensure a full life cycle.

Right now in January is a great jump start for germinating your seeds and preparing your soil for the pots. Growing your leafy greens right now is perfect. The temperature is perfect. If you have a local Community Garden in your area, that too, is also a great way to get soil. Most of the time Community Gardens already have that rich nutrients within the compose for soil.

Anything Leafy such a Thyme, Parsley, Lettuce, Turnips, Beets, Beans and Kale are all great to start planting RIGHT NOW!!

Arizona and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to grow a garden. I look forward to sharing my potting plants with you guys very soon. Creating and making my very own Kitchen Garden is super exciting. Once again, I’m up for the challenge because the reward at the end is the BEST feeling ever!

Stay Tune!

Stay Colorful and Sparkle