Ariel Marie Alessandro

Growth & Development

Ariel is growing super fast! It feels just like yesterday we left the hospital to bring her home and share her with the world! So, for the most part, my baby girl is a healthy chubby Navajo baby. Ahoo! Ariel loves to smile! You can catch her always smiling…oh! She is also a drool machine…with my other babies I didn’t have to worry about consent bib changing but with this pretty gal, It is a MUST! Ariel loves to be held and carried around, she is very alert and likes to know what were doing! As a Navajo baby, she has laughed out and thanks to her big brother, Valentino will soon have a ‘Laugh out’ Celebration for his sister. Where we pass out Rock salt and candy bags to each of our guest to show appreciation. A great article from Aesthetics of Joy called, The Navajo Celebration of a Baby’s First Laugh, talks about a belief meaning behind Baby’s first laugh!

  • She has established a great sleeping habit. She wakes up to feed 2 times a night.
  • She is a swaddle baby! She loves to be wrapped up.
  • Started Tummy Time.
  • Soon will begin Rice Cereal .
  • Started to roll onto her side.

Bonding with her Siblings

Make Up Play Time

Valentino and Mariah are Super Stars when it comes to big brother, big sister rolls. They love bonding and spending time with baby. Valentino is a proud big brother and Mariah is the helpful sister. Raising happy, confident kids is challenging enough , so it does help when my kiddos lend a helping hand. Bonding with a new member of the family is an ongoing process, remember baby is an individual too! We do have our bad days tho… On the other hand, Valentino and Mariah have their days, when they seek attention and cry just like big babies. Those days are hard!! A house full of crying babies. A part of them wants to be a baby and the other part, the part that says, ‘ I can do it myself, wanting to be independent and show autonomy, all while trying to get the extra attention! Those days are super hard for this mama, but with patience and keeping them busy is Key!

Ariel’s First Christmas

Momm & Postpartum

Well-Visits are still very important for us Momms! Self-Care and Stress Management are just a couple things I’m working on! As a busy momm of three little babies, some days I can’t even find the time to get ‘Dressed up’…I’m too busy to Shower!! I smell like baby milk, my hair is a mess and I don’t take selfies on those days. Those are the struggle days for me. I’m still adjusting everyday. I lost sleep, with a new born, on average I get 3 to 4 hours a night, If that! So, lately I have been walking around sleepy but with Michael’s help, I do try and get -nap time- in just to keep sane!..

Encouragement to you MOMMS

As a superstar momm, of course you want to focus on your baby, but remember momm -Life isn’t always about the baby! As I always tell myself in the mirror before I go out and get a Mani and Pedi ‘Mamas gotta have a life too’ ha…oh! yes! It’s also important not to forget about your honey, your Boothang, your partner. Nurture your relationship. Make time for each other. Connecting at this point is hard, but make time for each other to bond.  A healthy relationship is built on communication, be open, it’s okay! 

Our Shining Star!!!