Netflix and Chill

Netflix as we know it is a very successful modern streaming service. You can get content that is tailored to your preference and in high-quality viewing. Our family is a huge fan of Netflix. The term, ‘Netflix and Chill’ is used quite often in our home. With easy navigation, affordable pricing and the variety of content there is no better way to view some of our favorite shows and movies!

Some of our favorite family genres

Children & Family Movies

From Coco to Beauty and the Beast, our children love to watch the funniest flicks. They love the new release section, always looking for new movies all the time. From Sing Along Songs to Blade Blade Burst Evolution.

My personal Favorite: Romance!

I’m a pieces, So I’m a sucker for Romance! I can watch romantic movies all day and all night, if I had it my way, But Michael and the kids wouldn’t be having it!! Sex and the City, Princess Dairies and The Break Up are the BEST.

Stand-Up Comedy

Stand up comedy is our ultimate favorite genre! We love comedy. Even more stand-up comedy. Michael and I always catch a late night Comedy show when the kid are fast asleep, nothing feels better than relaxing with your Ol’Man watching some funny ass comedy! Laughing your butts off! If you haven’t seen the latest Comedy shows on Netflix! I suggest to do that now…You won’t be disappointed. D Ray, Ali Wong, and Kevin Hart will definitely have you laughin’…

Please share your favorites!! We’d love to hear from you!!