They’ll grow your groceries, haul a load
Pull you out of the mud, then fix the road
They’re good at slowin’ speeders down
When they pass through from out of town

I’ll live out in the country
Happily ever after
I got everything I need
‘Cause I got friends with tractors. 

-Rodney Atkins


Good Ol’ Country Rez living is how we grew up, It’s not unusual to see tractors within the Community I live in. Tractors were always an Iconic symbol for me when I was growing up, I remember as a little girl, I would ride my dad’s tractor! Teaching us to

“Pump the CLUTCH”.

Family is Everything!!!

Growing up on the Rez

I grew up in a rural area in Church Rock, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation Reservation. Rez Country when “English” becomes the second language spoken and the Navajo “Dine” Language takes over. Where you played in the mud, got dirt in your hair,  haul your own water, butchered sheep and prepare a delicious Mutton Sammich! #REZLIFE IS THE BEST LIFE! A PLACE WHERE YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!!

Our family for as long as I can remember always had a tractor for farming and cropping the fields to prepare for Family Gardening. When someone got stuck in the mud after a heavy rain storm, ” Here comes the tractors! ”

To the Rescue

Working Together

When we come back to the Rez from City living to visit my parents, There’s no such thing as ” I got nothing to do ” . You say that shit in front of my parents and they will give you something to do. Look at mike! He got put to Work! ha! On the Navajo Reservation, there is plenty of things to do like chopping wood for our elderly neighbors. Picking up trash along the road or cleaning around the house. My father, Andrew (above) is a Tractor Expert! He grew up in the Construction life and has the biggest Love and Passion for the great outdoors. That white hat he has on is actually a HART-HAT!

Saturday Routine after the Flea Market Cruise


Saturday’s are normally reserved for Cleaning Day in our home. After a long day of cleaning and working outside there is ALWAYS something COOKING!! Nothing bets a delicious meal from mom while laughing and joking around the table. Am I right? Family gatherings after a long work day has many blessings that I’m truly thankful for. I tell myself all the time, not everyone has parents and so what we share within our family is special because Life is Short!

Roasted Mutton Sandwich and Frybread


” She think’s my Tractor Sexy” by Kenny Chesney is what comes to mind each morning the tractor engine raves up. Country Music blasting in the early morning hours is one of my favorite childhood memories. Look at my daughter Mariah’s face. Priceless! She has a love for the outdoors too, riding the tractor with grandpa making memories. On our trips back home to New Mexico my children are put to work too! Learning!! Having fun with Cheii but still learning!!

My dad will always say, “Show them while their Young, that way they know and they can be tough!” Thick-skin and Learn the ropes!!

Country Rez Living is Grand! Hard working men seat upon a Tractor seat. Building and making new garden fields to feed families, friends and even strangers too! Reminding themselves on hard days what hard work can do. Country Rez Living is raising the family, providing, feeding the wife all while giving thanks for a Simply Life! A Blessed Life!

Helping each other out in the time of need is what we do, help our community and try to make a difference in what we do! Country Rez Living gives you Heart, Strength to live in Harmony and Happiness. Country Rez Living is a Blessed Living!

What’s your Rez Country Like? Tell us! We’d love to hear your stories….Sharing is Caring and Chatting about the Reservation is always good timez! Right?

Until Next Time

” It’s not just a Tractor ”