Anxiety, Self-Worth + Burns Outs

How much do you Honor and Respect your body?

How often do you feel stressed out?

The Antidote: The #1 way to refuel is INTENTION

There is a lot of shame slowing down, taking a pause. We burn ourselves out on everything- Social Media Use, Planning, Worrying, Caretaking and then some. Does this mean we have to stop doing everything? No. It’s about controlling the enviroment and how we interact with it.

A daily Mentality of recharging is more powerful than squeezing in a mediation here and there. It’s all about the Intentions you have with everything you do in your life.

Mediation Practice

When you Sleep, Really let Yourself Sleep!

Tips to help:

Be here, fully in the present and be mindful about how and why you expanding your energy.

 I had the pleasure of meeting Holistic Healthcare and Creator of @suntreehealingarts Cailin O’ Hara at the @thecollective_az 💞 I attended a Workshop on behalf of the COLLECTIVE called Anxiety, Self Worth + Burnout Workshop to help myself with Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed💁🤯
During the two-hour workshop I learned that anxiety is Normal😳… The #1 reason anxiety persist is we resist it…We need to nourish ourselves instead of rejecting our feelings.💆 Having a meditation practice to love yourself on a daily basis can help reduce your stress level. 💁

Taking the time you need for yourself is important. Nourishing your health.👩‍🌾 Make it a point to check in with yourself each day to see how much energy you have to give… Honor and Respect yourself by being MINDFUL with WHO and WHERE you give your energy👩‍🔧👩‍🏫👩‍💼….

As mothers and #bossbabes we like to think we can handle it all but over time it burns us out!! Be MINDFUL of yourself and be mindful of your body.👉 Listen to your mind and don’t resist the negativity! 

The Next Proven Process and Rituals Event is Coming Up!

TWO hours of teaching, meditations, writing exercises and a mini acupuncture treatment (if you’d like) for everyone. Space is really limited so register soon if you’re ready.