Staycation at The El Rancho Hotel

The most important experience of all is yours. At El Rancho Hotel, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to live your own Southwest experience in one of the most authentic places in the Region.

You will give yourself the chance to explore unforgettable History, and feel the American Spirit. THE GALLERY AND HOME OF THE MOVIE STARS!

The historic El Rancho Hotel provides a unique Southwest Experience in the midst of the American West. The El Rancho Hotel is a pillar of the West and was the Home of the Movie Stars throughout the 1930s to 1940s who filmed Westerns in the area.

Leroy McCray

A special Thank You to Leroy McCray and the Wonderful El Rancho Hotel for being such an amazing host! Our stay was beyond remarkable with an exclusive tour of the property to being showered with welcoming gifts. In Partnership with El Rancho Hotel, Gallup New Mexico, our host Leroy McCray was kind enough to also give us a sneak peek of the spacious Presidential Suite. “Oh” also, accompanied with Complimentary Room Service OUR ENTIRE STAY!!!

Greeted like a ” Rock Star ”

Presidential Suite

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Suite at the El Rancho Hotel is the most requested room on the Property. What a Treat! The bathroom is Lavish and absolutely AMAZING! Just Look…

You Know Mama had to…
Creating Content on a Stay-cation

When you stay at the El Rancho Hotel, you will be sleeping in a room where a movie star slept. But the hotel is not just about movie stars. Youโ€™ll be following in the footsteps of Americans who have traveled West, in hopes of a better life.

Famous Guest Rooms

Two Queen Bed Deluxe Room. Guests who have stayed in this room type include John Wayne, W.C. Fields, Jackie Cooper, Spencer Tracy, Tyrone Power, Dale Robertson, Jimmy Stewart, Pat Wymore, William Bennet, and Bruce Cabot.

El Rancho Restaurant

The Restaurant at the El Rancho Hotel primarily serves American and Mexican food including Steaks, Hamburgers, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Tacos, and Tamales. The main dishes are named after Movie Stars who have eaten at the restaurant like the Ronald Reagan Burger with a side of Jelly Beans.


The Newly Renovated 49er Lounge

The 49er Lounge in the El Rancho was listed as one of the Top 50 bars in the USA by Esquire Magazine. Whether you are in the mood for a Margarita after a long day exploring the Southwest, Fajitas, or a John Wayne Burger, the El Rancho has a meal for you.


The history of the bar is perhaps its strongest point. The 49er Lounge on Route 66 is not a place where you will have to wait in lines to order expensive drinks. Its a place where you can relive the old days when bartenders were friendly and where you could get a good strong drink after a long hard day.

Food and Drinks Menu CLICK HERE

Instagram Gem

With a rich historic atmosphere, The El Rancho Hotel is also the perfect place in Gallup, New Mexico to create amazing ” Classic Vibe ” photos. The Elegance of it’s Rustic Greeny Cultural is a Gem!!

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The El Rancho Hotel Gallup’s Most Historic Hotel