Prados Beauty | Proudly Indigenous, Unapologetically Beautiful | Steven Paul Judd COLLECTION

Prados Beauty + Steven Paul Judd have come together to Create a Collection for The People.

May you always see beauty in yourself, your story and your culture.

Huge Thanks

I’m honored to be gifted this generous PR Package for me to share and Thank you so much for Including me in your launch for this Outstanding and Empowering Collection. Thank you so much Cece Meadow and Family for this PR Opportunity. I love you sister!!

History in the Making

Pretty Nose from the Cheyenne Nation and Stampede from the Dakota Nation are the Inspiration behind the artwork.

Who is Pretty Nose

In some sources, Pretty Nose is called Cheyenne, although she was identified as Arapaho on the basis of her red, black and white beaded cuffs. The two tribes were allies at the Battle of the Little Bighorn and are still officially grouped together as the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.

To learn more about Pretty Nose Click Here.


My PR Marketing Kit Includes the Fabulous Items

This complete packaging is life! Indigenous Branding with an Empowering Statement. I’m so proud of Cece Meadows stepping out of her comfort zone and Inspiring so many natives out there. Cece has done so much and continues to make an impact on our Native Communities while provoking the minds of our young generations. Teach One, Be One Mind Set!!!

Prados Beauty Mini LED Mirror

Choose from a Purple, White or Pink Mini LED Mirror


Prados Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

30 Color Eyeshadow Palette | Cruelty Free Product | Paraben Free


Prados Beauty Highlighter + Blush Palette

Customize 4 Palette for Both Highlighting and Blush Kit

Vibes for all Skin Tones

$15.00 Each

Prados Beauty Secure Tha Bag Sis Mink Lashes

Statement Lashes


Prados Beauty Honor The Treaties Mink Lashes

Honor The Treaties


Prados Beauty Azucar Lipstick

Azucar Lipstick is the Newest Item!!


Prados Beauty #LandBack Lipstick

#LandBack Lipstick



We take pride in our culture, our community, our story and our products. We design and craft high quality cosmetics, makeup brushes, lashes, and so much more. Our products are not only beautiful but more importantly, affordable. Every person should be able to look and feel their best, while still being able to afford beautifully crafted items.