10 Indigenous Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Love

From OVER-THE-TOP to DIY Unbelievably Incredible

First, There’s the pressure – so look no further.

This month 10 amazing Indigenous Business Owners make all the difference for you and your family.

Buying from and Supporting Native Owners make a HUGE IMPACT on their lives and surrounding community. Thank you so much for taking the time to shop and gifting the Latest Native Brands.

Sunshine Creations

My girl Dana is the Founder and Creator of Sunshine Creations, Specializing in custom tumblers and crafts.


Prados Beauty

At Prados

We are building a community of dreamers and misfits who choose to follow their own path in life. We encourage our youth and our supporters to push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

We’d love for you to join us.

All you need is love…but some selfcare products now and then don’t hurt!

Do you need a gift for your significant other, your bestie or even to treat yourself? Look no more, Checkout out this amazing Valentine’s Day Bundle filled with lots of love and of course, GOODIES!


The Artist Of K’aalogii Kisses

Deonoveigh is Tl’aashchi’i (Red Bottom People-mother), born for Naahilii (African American-father), her cheii is T’abaahi (Maternal grandfather is Water’s Edge) and her nali is Naahilii (Paternal grandfather is African American). She is originally from the heart of the Navajo Nation; Chinle, AZ. 

Mini Valentine collection


Salty Black Sheep Creations

SaltyBSC is a Diné owned business based in Oregon. I create art to share and wear: from apparel to accessories & stickers.  My designs are made to make you feel Indigenous AF in the modern world. 

Holographic Crystals Step Design Earrings

1.3×1.3in earring with crystal holographic design. These are very lightweight basket design made from laser cut acrylic. Only a few of this kind, so you will stand out with this piece.



 solstice collection available for preorder February 5th 2022, all jewelry and ribbon skirts will be ready to order. TIME: TBA.



Blended Girls Cosmetics

A Diné makeup brand inspired to bring unity through makeup! Faux mink eyelashes & products cruelty free.


– Blended Girl is so excited to celebrate 3 years in business!

– These lippies are mainly focused around the color red.

WE ARE GOING TO BE HAVING A RESTOCK ON A LOT OF ITEMS COMING SOON! Frybread glow, Native Glare items, Resilient Palette 2.0 and Tinted Brow Gel

– Follow us on Instagram @blendedgirl.cosmetics to stay up to date with these products.


Sky-Eagle Collection

Silk Diamond Pink Large

Artist, Post, Fashion Designer

Size 42”x43inch

Extra Large Silk Scarves: Custom Scarves by Osage Fashion Designer Dante Biss-Grayson. High Quality Silk and oversized that enable many different options for the wearer. Many styles that include modern plains ribbon work inspired designs and orthography designs that speak to the resilience of tribes taking back their language. This is Contemporary Native Fashion.

Handle with care, dry clean or hand wash.


Blue Corn Custom Designs


February bundle celebrating the birth of the eaglets – ‘Atsá Biyáázh

2 cups blue corn pancake mix
6 Teaspoons Juniper Ash
3 cups roasted blue corn meal
1 blue corn mush recipe
1 blue corn cupcake recipe
1 blue corn cookie recipe
2 mini Navajo-Hopi (Greenthread Plant) tea bundles
2 Protect our elders stickers
2 Navajo Fizz – Greenthread
1 mini bag of blue corn seeds
Personalized card upon request

February Bundle – Month of the Eaglets


Eighth Generation

” Embrace Your Beauty” earrings designed by #Michellowden from the Acoma and Pueblo Tribe.



Terri Pete

Valentine’s Day Card

Known for her Native Design Gift Wrapping Paper!