Our Family Christmas Vacation in Las Vegas

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Over the Christmas weekend, Michael and I took our girls to Las Vegas, Nevada to enjoy ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS IN LAS VEGAS! We spent four days exploring what’s new in Vegas for families, counting all the Christmas trees on the Las Vegas Strip (We counted 89 Christmas trees), and shared the Largest Christmas Drive-Through in Nevada, Christmas In Color!

Many asked, ” What about baby Jr. and Valentino?”

Because Valentino is close with his grandparents in New Mexico, we went back as soon as class was out for Winter Break. He chooses to go back to the rez to be with my parents for the holidays. He will be home soon. My baby Jr. stayed home with my sister in Glendale. We all thought it would be best for him to stay home and keep warm. Michael Warren Alessandro Jr is only 8 months old.




On Christmas Day, we explored the Las Vegas Strip and counted all the Christmas Trees. For the girls, a trip to both the Hersey Store and M&M Store is all they ask for. Well, besides going to a free circus show at Circus-Circus Casino.

It’s always a blessing being able to travel as a family. Here’s a #photodump of our Las Vegas Trip!








Day 2 in Las Vegas: On Christmas day we counted all the Christmas trees on the Strip. #lasvegas #christmasinvegas #Vegas #lasvegas #familytravel #familytravelseries

♬ Christmas Music – Memusic
Day 3: Christmas 2022


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