2021 Digital Marketing Journey and Success Stories

What is a unique advantage you are offering? Sparkle Momm Marketing provides a Direct Response Strategy with a 1-page Marketing Plan. Taking a client or brand, package it up and present it socially with an irresistible offer. Bringing value, value stacking, content creation, and results speaks on a large scale. Providing customers with problem/solution focusedContinue reading “2021 Digital Marketing Journey and Success Stories”

Supporting Sparkle Momm Marketing Make a Difference!!!

I’m asking for Support from my Family and Community at this time. There is an Annual and On-Boarding Fee of $450.00 Dollars to Feature Sparkle Momm Marketing across Glendale’s Business Directory along with Referrals for my Social Media Management Services. Yes! This is an Investment in Myself and Our Small Businesses FOR GROWTH!! PAYPAL :Continue reading “Supporting Sparkle Momm Marketing Make a Difference!!!”