Supporting Sparkle Momm Marketing Make a Difference!!!

I’m asking for Support from my Family and Community at this time.
There is an Annual and On-Boarding Fee of $450.00 Dollars to Feature Sparkle Momm Marketing across Glendale’s Business Directory along with Referrals for my Social Media Management Services.

Yes! This is an Investment in Myself and Our Small Businesses



Thank you so much for believing in my dreams. Thank you for supporting my family. It’s never easy being a Stay-At-Home -Mother and I always try to do my very best. My babies and I appreciate you taking this time. May you continue to be safe out there with your families.

Florinda Wilson, Sparkle Momm

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I’ve paved the way for countless small business entrepreneurs grow their on-line business with a customized marketing strategy plan to leverage the social media algorithm. Whether you’re on social media to build brand awareness, wanting to grow your niche community or because you’re ready for a massive growth injection, you deserve a custom, innovative marketing strategy that matches your unique goals. For more family adventures and Arizona's best family resorts in the valley- check us out!

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