First Month for this #NativeBlogger

” Never Underestimate Yourself! Your Worth the Journey!! “


” It’s been an Amazing and Exciting Feeling thus Far! Am super thrilled to see what the rest of the year has in stores for us! ”

Walking out into the spotlight is what it felt like this month! Most definitely! I’m super happy right now in my life. My Parenting Blog is off to a great start! I’ve completed my first 10 blogs this month!!! 


Thanks to all my loving Family, FB Friends and New Friends I’ve made over the past 30 days. lol. My journey wouldn’t be possible for you guys reading and sharing so, THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE! I greatly appreciate your love and support!! FACTS

What to look forward to…

As we leap into February, most of us also think of “LOVE” in the air as well. This month is going to be full of Sweethearts, Sugar, and Family Fun Activities to enjoy with the Entire Family.

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