A Momms New Dairy

Hey Momm! Have you got a New Planner, New Calendar for a New Year? Being a Busy Momm! The Struggle is Real! This year get and stay ahead with Organizing your busy, hectic life! 

From Daily plans to Monthly Goals, 

Planning IS necessary!

Time to get organized!

I honestly could not go without my diary, my whole life is planned in it. I buy two every single year – A diary for Work and Bills and my trusty MOM planner! As an “old-fashioned gal” when it comes to calendars, journals and diaries. There is just something satisfying and a bit more final in putting ink to paper. Doodling with neon pens, adding sticky notes! Yass! It is also the only way I can actually remember something – writing it down.

Getting organized now has never been any easier! We now have Family Apps to get organized, Amazon’s office supplies has the works and you can now also head to your nearest Walmart and shop for a chic planner with matching pens to go along with it! And, If your like me and get ‘Too Excited’ about planners, calender’s and stationary than buy 2 planners: One for Organizing your Billing and Work Schedules and One for Yourself (Mom Planner) for things like Babies Appointments, Classes & Meal planning !


Planning Ahead Momm!

Having a Planner, a Calendar or a Journal is ‘Perfect’ way to stay ahead of the game! TRUST ME!!! I’d be lost without my calendar! With intention to help you create some balance and order in your daily life and to help you manage your time. There are so many features, but here are some of my personal favorites reason to plan ahead.

  • A “My Year At A Glance” planning page– Write down goals at the beginning of the year! Then, at the end of the year, check to see what you’ve achieved! This is a motivator tactic!!
  • Monthly to-do lists and goals, as well as tick-boxes to track them! Weather it’s a small goal or house project, jot it down.
  • “Month At A Glance” planning pages– Helps to track personal goals!
  • Weekly words of wisdom-Building your vocabulary is a skill
  • Notes & Doodle pages-I love to Doodle!..haha A stress reliever
  • Some kick-ass easy meal recipes– I have sticky note recipes.lol
  • Monthly cash flow sheets
  • Childhood Hospital Information– Very helpful when you forget your Insurance information!
  • Class list pages– Organization make schooling schedules less hectic!
Making Momm Life Easier

It can be hard trying to keep up with everything in your child’s life, let alone your personal plans. Keeping up with all these plans can be overwhelming without a handy, dandy, planner or calendar. Remember Momm, planning helps create a better world around you! You’ll definitely be ahead of the game. Confident in your #Goalsetting and completing them.

” Prioritizing and Time Management are skills you will Learn and Implement daily. “

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As Always Sharing is Caring! -HAPPY PLANNING MOMM-

Thanks for Reading Loves…