Healthy Ways to keepin’ Your Relationship Spicy!!

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Relationships in my opinion can be very tricky. Even more so when you have little tiny people running around all day long, having to attend to them all while you (The busy parent) trying to get some “Me Time ” in with your partner. I get it! As new born parents, that seems to disappear along with sleep and being emotionally connected! But don’t despair, KEEP THAT SPARK.

Love is an Art! You have to remember people act in different ways. If you know your partner well enough, fulfilling their wants and needs is a good start. With that being said…

” Here are 5 ways to Keeping your Relationship Spicy “

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When we’re Married, too often we stop flirting! When we’re new born parents, too often we stop flirting! Do you ever stop and wonder why? Tiredness, Laziness, maybe just too comfortable around your partner, you forget to…

Flirting with your significant other let’s them know you still find them attractive, sexy, smart, and that you do think of them when they’re not around. Don’t shy away from sexting, keep it spicy. It keeps things warm.


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The key to having a sexy and spicy relationship is talking to your significant other about it! Simple! Having open communication about sex talk and other uncomfortable topics is Important! If you can’t open up about your feelings, your wants and needs…How will you ever get what you really want? Speak Up! Communicate.


Romantic Date Nights

Another way to keeping your Relationship Spicy is going out on Date Nights. Or as I like to call it, ” Sunday Hundays “, On Sunday’s I like to spend my days with my love out on a Harley Ride, just the two of us, flying high on the freeway….or hitting up a local comedy show! Either way finding something romantic together is healthy for a relationship.

Here are a few Date Night Ideas:

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A Romantic Dinner and Movie

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Wine and Paint Date
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Date Night in a Box
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A Romantic Sunset Picnic
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A Romantic Getaway, Just the Two of you



We had so much fun playing with toys, as kids, didnโ€™t we? No reason why we should stop as adults. We just need to play with adult toys. Satisfaction guaranteed!

-Glam Dapper

Nothing spices things up than a Healthy and Sexy Relationship. Feeling each others desires, having a passionate connection as parents can be challenging but also it can be as romantic, loving, and loud, as you like when the moment is right, Of Course!

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Good olโ€™ sexy lingerie helps. Most men have a fetish for their partners in lingerie. I know it is expensive and at times uncomfortable, but thatโ€™s all worth it when you see the look of happiness and satisfaction (afterwards) on your partners face. 

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