Ariel’s 6 Month Milestone

Ariel was born September 20th, 2018. She is already 6 months old!!! Oh my…How time flies! This is her very first selfie…lol…Ouch!!!

Ariel Marie Alessandro

We got our entire labor and birthing experience on Snap Chat! I like to save the most Memorial Moments and share them with our family and lovely friends! At 6 lbs 2 oz Ariel was born at 9:18 a.m. We were in Labor for 4 hours! My normal labor

Your So Loved Baby Girl!!!

” Six Months and Growing “

Sparkle Momm

Ariel loves to be held, what child doesn’t!…She has grown so fast she is heavy! Big for her age! She’s Navajo and has a little Italian Blood in her, so we like to think, that’s where she gets it! That Italian Blood!

Her favorite Toy

Ariel’s favorite toy is ‘Monster’! A little bright scrunchy monkey. Let me tell you, she is attached to Monster, on our recent trip to California, Monster is the only thing she was crying for. I’ll admit! It’s the best teething toy, too! Ariel has also started teething. A Total Drool Machine!!! I’m always changing her bibs…

Baby Ariel definitely completes our family!!! We’re now a Family of 5! God is Great to us! My babies are healthy and Mama couldn’t be happier! Ariel has taught me sooo much in the past 6 months. I’m still learning new things everyday with her. We are also in a good routine at the Moment!

  • Ariel started eating rice cereal and loves her baby food! Pears and Sweet Potatoes are her favorite.
  • Baby Ariel enjoys Tummy Time now, but hasn’t started crawling!
  • She is teething, no sign of teeth yet!!! SOON!
  • Ariel’s loves to scream and shout!!!

” We have a Screamer!! “

Daddy Mike
Her Travels to Sea World

Ariel is a Traveler! She already got to see the Pacific Ocean and Swim with the Dolphins! She enjoys the great outdoors and has a love for stuffed animals! She Loved THE SHARKS AND DOLPHINS!!!!

Thanks for Reading!!!!