The Perfect Doorstep Delivered Child-Friendly Cooking Class in a Box!!

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Let your child’s “Inner Chef” come out and Sparkle!!

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As a Registered Dietitian and a mom I care deeply about the health and well-being of our children! I wanted to support an innovative way to create fundraising opportunities for our community that also builds creativity skills and healthy habits. As a working mom I also appreciate the bonding that occurs when I slow down to really engage in this activity with my own children. They crave that time with the adults they look up to! I could not be prouder to be part of this mission!

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Stephanie Lucas, MS, RD

As part of our partnership with Give Gardens, First off! Let me just start off by saying Stephanie, is such a Doll!! We meant at her fabulous booth at a Get Local Event Arizona’s Farmers Market in West Park, Peoria on a Saturday afternoon! Peoria’s Farmers Market! Who loves Fresh Produce and Healthy Foods? I know, I do. I enjoy being in the kitchen with my children, teaching them the basics of cooking. Eating fruits and veggies, also learning the importance of where your food comes from. Our Kitchen Garden is a Great example of Fresh Garden to Table Eats!! Also the greatest rewarding feeling, too!

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Give Garden Delivers in Arizona & New Mexico, Santa Fe & Albuquerque!

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Would you like to try a Child Friendly Cooking Class in a box, Sent to your Doorstep by one of Give Garden’s Personal Delivery Drivers once a month?? Fresh Produce and Recipe Direction Goodness! Try an easy and simple Culinary class experience with your kids. It’s super fun and super festive! My children were thrilled when the delivery driver showed up to our door. My kids felt the love and well Mama had to do the ‘Happy Dance’!

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Creating your Child-Friendly Cooking Class

As part of your Give Garden Experience, you will receive personal emails updates on your Garden Box! I find it super fantastic knowing what the latest updates are on my children’s box, so I can prepare for a fun and festive cooking class. Here is just one of many updates…you will receive via email!

Did you know that up to 15% of your membership price is donated to the charity of YOUR choice?

With 3 Monthly Subscription to choose from, you can make a difference to your local organization or your school. 15% of your membership is donated to a school, organizations, or athletic. You choose where your fundraising dollars go! How Cool is that! Making a Difference and Cooking Healthy!! A Win/Win!!

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Our Rainbow Tortilla Crisp Cooking Class

My children love to cook and they were super excited to start our March Garden Box: The Colorful and Tasty Rainbow Tortilla Crisp! Each Box is different, different themes for each month and Vegetables are always part of your Box!

Every Box comes with Everything you need to Cook! Fresh Ingredients and Easy Recipe Directions.

Frozen Mixed Veggies-Freeze Upon Delivery, Butter Balls, Shredded Cheese, Red Bell Peppers, Green Bell Peppers, Red Onion and flour 10′ Tortillas.

Our Ariel, who’s 5 Months old, was even happy to attend her first cooking class, smiling away at those delicious colorful veggies! Listening to Mommy…lol…

The Children always enjoy the company of our neighbors, Coco is also attending our fabulous Party!! Both the girls did an awesome job cutting up the veggies into tiny cubes and then evenly divided them into groups. While they cut up veggies, I helped with Placing the frozen veggies into the microwave to cook until they were no longer frozen.

Great Job Girls!

Using a butter knife, spread butter onto tortilla and place on a baking sheet. Place baking sheet in oven for 5-7 minutes or until toasted. Once toasted, Carefully remove tortillas to a cool rack or a new baking sheet.

Now that all the ingredients are prepped it’s time to decorate each tortilla with a rainbow using the cauliflower to represent the clouds. With the other Vegetables in-mind we decorated the colors of the Rainbow!

Mariah making her Rainbow Tortilla Crisp
Children’s Cooking Class is in Session
Valentino, A Proud Young Chief
Her ” Inner Chief Spirit Awakes”

All the Children did a Fabulous Job making their Rainbow Tortilla Crisp. Proud Young Chief’s.

Did you know bell peppers are high in Vitamin C. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable which belongs to the cabbage family and Red Onions helps prevents heart problems later in life??

Sparkle Momm

Our Rainbow Tortilla Crisp


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