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Florinda Wilson wearing Shi Jei Clothing

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Native Ambition

Native Ambition is located in Peoria, Arizona Reprezenting the Native Art Culture. Native Ambition believes to #InvestInYourself and create with passion and talent. Native Ambition is a Navajo Business Owned Company that supports Natives with Ambitions!!

Asdzáán Ambition Tee

Shi NaLí “Rug Design”


Shi Jei Clothing

Shi Jei offers a wide variety of products such as women t-shirts, tank tops, leggings, and many other accessories.

Shi Jei is inspired by the many strong dine women who we believe should be able to represent their heritage through everyday clothing and accessories.

Shi Jei seeks to showcase the Dine language along with the strong, matriarchal society that Navajo women are.

Shi Jei comes from a long line of strong Navajo women and wanted to celebrate them.

Navajo women are truly the heart of the Navajo people.

 I am truly grateful for your support for my small business.

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Crystal Dugi

Crystal Dugi Tee and Tote Bag

With a Strong love for Colorful Art, Crystal Dugi, Artist of Art by Bishdo is very passionate when it comes to Customizing Authentic Navajo Art Work! She’s taking ‘Living in Color’ to a whole New Meaning for Modern Decor.

Born and Raised in Tuba City, Arizona. Crystal Dugi not only has an eye for Art but for Fashion as well, she studied Fashion Design BA at International Academy of Design & Technology

Tote Bag by Crystal Dugi



Evoke Empowerment



Making a statement that reflects your culture and values, pushing boundaries of what is worn in freedom of expression and in unorthodox ways.

We are committed to…

Collaborating with strong diverse woman, bloggers, makeup artist, photographers and small business owners, all contributing growth to our businesses.

Giving back to our community especially to urban minority groups. Focusing on programs that instill self-esteem and cultural teachings so that we do not lose our traditional values in generations to come.

Connecting women to culture in a respectful manner through culture appreciation.


Can’t Fails Design

From Tees, Hats and Hoodies

Helping Indigenous People to express their pride visually. One awesome tee at a time.
100% Indigenous Owned and Operated.

Bandana’s made by Can’t Fails Design



ACONAV is a Native American owned & operated couture fashion brand, based in Phoenix, AZ

The brand celebrates the strength and empowerment of women through positive expressions in designs that tie culture to modern style. The brand’s purpose is to properly and respectfully represent a part of Native America in fashion.


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